Vision and Mission

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Active contribution to the University of Nairobi vision of being a leading Centre of Excellence in the pursuit, development, dissemination and preservation of knowledge regarding HIV transmission and AIDS impact at all levels and within African values in the interest of a Kenya without AIDS.



To build the capacity of multisectoral and multidisciplinary partners to reduce HIV transmission and mitigate the Impact of HIV/AIDS on vulnerable populations through multisectoral evidence based interventions in the areas of programmes, training and research. Similarly tested models of replication will be produced as a contribution of the University of Nairobi, being a Seat of Excellence to the Kenyan and global community.


Core values

To realize the above stated vision and mission, the Centre aspires to nurture values that are vital to its mandate.  The Centre is thus guided by the right values derived from moral standards required of healthcare professionals, which is in line with those of the Kenyan society.  In respect to this, the core values of the Centre are:


  1. Freedom of thought and expression

The Centre shall promote and defend freedom of thought and expression in academic inquiry and activities.


  1. Integrity and professionalism 

In its interactions, the Centre shall be guided by the virtues of truth, honesty, tolerance and accountability. In addition, it shall nurture responsible professionalism, promote mentorship, maintain ethical behavior, etiquette and honesty.


  1. Leadership

The Centre shall participate in setting the national and international health agenda in HIV/AIDS.


  1. Research culture

The Centre shall endeavor to initiate and sustain relevant, creative, innovative and inventive research for the benefit of mankind.


  1. Meritocracy and team-work:

The Centre shall promote meritocracy and foster a work environment characterized by team spirit and teamwork.


  1. Corporate governance and social responsibility

Good corporate governance, sensitivity to needs of the society and respect for human rights shall be the hallmark of the Centre.


  1. Respect for and conservation of the environment

The Centre promotes protection of the environment.

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